Welcome to ATEC, a company committed to providing efficient, reliable, cost effective high rate water treatment.
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 ATEC Systems makes affordable, small footprint filtration systems for the high-rate removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, H2S, and radium from groundwater.

The Inventors of High Rate Filtration Using Pyrolusite

ATEC Systems was established in 1982, and in 1992 we delivered the first high rate system using Pyrolusite.

It is simply the most efficient, reliable and cost effective process for removing iron, manganese and arsenic – the most common water filtration challenges.

Using our technology, we have built over 400 treatment systems, ranging from 11 gpm to about 7,000 gpm.

We Test, Design and Build

Every system is pilot tested early on, and sometimes before, the design process. That’s why we can guarantee that every system will perform as promised.

We work with designers or can help design a system for you. And unlike many other companies, we manufacture our own equipment, so you get what’s best, not just what’s available.

We assist with commissioning, provide operator training, and performance testing and optimization, if required, at start-up.

We provide ongoing customer support to assure your treatment equipment delivers for you, year after year.