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Because ATEC Systems has experience at every level along the test-design-build process, we know the best ways to make your project succeed. We work hand in hand with the professionals who are responsible for the overall success of the projects in which we participate. Engineering firms trust our knowledge. Contractors appreciate our planning and design. And you’ll be pleased with how easy our installations are.

Creating filtration systems for municipal, agricultural and industrial water treatment plants has been our business since 1982.


In 1992, ATEC Systems developed the first high rate water filtration equipment using Pyrolusite to remove iron and manganese. This breakthrough approach was miles ahead of other methods then, and still is today. Our technology allows us to create treatment equipment that perform better, need less space, are easier to operate and maintain. They also cost significantly less than other treatment systems and less to operate.


We manufacture our own treatment equipment, using the best materials available and built to specs that assure long life and reliable performance. While others use what’s available, we build what’s best for each customer. We guarantee our systems to perform as promised. And we back them up with the best support you can find.


The ATEC Systems team can help you with every step of your water treatment project. Whether it’s a simple retrofit using our advanced filtration equipment, or a complete design-build of a large municipal water system. ATEC Systems professionals have built and supported hundreds of water systems. From pilot testing, to engineering and design, training and customer service, we know that every step is important to helping you achieve your water filtration goal.

Call us and let’s talk about solutions for your water treatment needs.

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