ATEC Systems

Better Performance

Every installation is pilot tested and matched to your needs. We developed our Pyrolusite high rate treatment method in 1992. It outperforms other iron, manganese and arsenic methods, with less expense and simpler operation.

Lower Costs

Installed costs for ATEC Systems equipment are less. Our unique high rate treatment equipment has a smaller footprint than our competitors’, requiring a smaller facility, thus your costs are less. Backwash cycles are automatic and unattended. Filter media is highly efficient and long-lasting if properly operated and maintained; it does not need to be replaced. In the three categories of capital, operational and maintenance costs, we are consistently the least expensive system in each category.


The four main reasons water utilities choose ATEC Systems Water Treatment Equipment:

  • 1. Outstanding performance
  • 2. Reliability
  • 3. Simple operation
  • 4. Lower costs

Among the reasons our system is less expensive:

  • We build our own vessels. Others purchase pre-manufactured vessels others make and are, therefore, subject to their pricing and profit margins.
  • Our backwash system is simple, requiring no additional pumps, storage tanks, etc.
  • In most cases, we require no additional peripheral systems.
  • Smaller building required because our system has a smaller footprint.
  • Our media doesn’t need to be regenerated or replaced if operated properly.
  • Lower O&M costs.
  • Less complicated design that is easier to install for the contractor.
  • Simpler less expensive controls.

Reliable Support

We work hard to build simple, robust and reliable treatment equipment that requires minimal maintenance and support. However, support is required, you will be put in touch with an ATEC Systems representative who is an expert in your equipment and its operation. All immersed surfaces of our vessels are powder coated for long life. Vessels and manifolds are tested to more than double working pressures. We train thoroughly and are ready with answers when you need us. Replacement parts ship out quickly. On-site service reps are available. And all systems come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
Introduction To ATEC

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