What We Do


The Process

We use our proprietary AS-700 Series Filter Media based for high rate iron and manganese removal. This media is unusually robust, has a very high adsorptive capacity, lends itself to the design of relatively simple treatment systems that do not require multi-media filter beds or the use of anthracite caps which eliminate the need for surface wash and air scour systems. The iron or manganese is adsorbed on the surface of the media where it is secured and oxidized in place. Chlorine is injected immediately upstream of the filters. The chlorine is used to maintain the bed in an oxidized state, not to oxidize and precipitate the iron and manganese as is the case with most other treatment systems. This key difference allows for high loading rates and correspondingly small equipment footprints. A typical 1.5 MGD treatment system has a footprint of 8’ x 17’ and some are considerably smaller. All ATEC Systems media is Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

We use our proprietary AS-700 Series filter media for our high-rate arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and radium removal systems.

Pilot Testing

ATEC Systems pilot tests every installation. After all, water quality isn’t the same at every well and neither are the conditions needed to optimize the removal of contaminants. Pilot testing is therefore a condition of sale and a condition of our unique performance guaranty. If it doesn’t work, we’ll take it out and refund your money. It is our firm conviction that we cannot afford a system that doesn’t perform to our standards, and neither can our customers. We have invested heavily in pilot testing equipment to facilitate pilot testing which we consider the foundation of our business. These investments allow us to pilot test quickly, efficiently and accurately, often finishing before others have set up their equipment.


While most ATEC Systems treatment equipment is similar, every unit is unique and is designed to perform its job in accordance with the particular conditions and requirements of each installation. Among the factors considered for each project are water quality, oxidant doses, application rates, operating pressure, valve actuation, well pump output, backwash disposal options, and numerous other variables that affect water treatment system design and performance. We work closely with engineers to help assure that every system we build works properly and that installation, commissioning, and operation proceed smoothly.


Every treatment system we sell is manufactured by ATEC Systems, Inc. using the best materials available. All filter systems are powder coated inside and out because we are convinced it is the best process to use for our customers’ long term benefit. Every filter vessel and manifold is built to operate at a working pressure of at least 150 psig and pressure tested to at least 325 psig. Systems for higher working pressures are available. Every system we build is shipped complete with the under drain and support media installed. Most are skid mounted and pre-assembled to facilitate job site installation which significantly reduces installation costs. We stand behind every system we sell and provide a three year warranty for manufacturing and materials defects.


Conceiving, designing, and building treatment equipment that performs are only the first steps in a long-term relationship centered on results and customer support. Every project starts with extensive ATEC Systems provided customer training so that the operators ultimately responsible for the performance of our equipment are thoroughly trained and understand process, maintenance, operational, and performance related issues. ATEC Systems has a team approach to customer service. We are committed to servicing your needs through training, maintenance support, trouble shooting, and parts supply. Standard repair parts are routinely shipped out within 24 hours.

If on-site service is needed, a qualified, well trained factory representative is available via phone, mail, or email. P.O. Box 10329, Seattle, Washington 98110-0329 • Phone: 360-414-9223 • E-mail: info@atecwatersystems.com. For personal attention call: Bill Ketchum, 360-414-9223, Cullen Wilder, P.E., 855-755-7702 or Mac Pennington, 360-901-4533.

High Rate Water Treatment—the Simple Way, the ATEC Systems Way

ATEC Systems developed the first high rate system using Pyrolusite for the removal of iron and manganese in 1992. Since that time, we have built approximately 350 water treatment systems, ranging in size from <11 gpm to 4,500 gpm and higher. ATEC Systems has been building treatment equipment of this type for almost twenty years; others claiming expertise have been using the process for a relatively short time. The process, which we developed, has the advantage of much higher-than-conventional treatment loading rates which result in smaller footprints, smaller piping, and lower costs. We have built our business on word-of-mouth and with-out making exaggerated claims. Our treatment equipment consistently delivers performance levels others often talk about but seldom deliver. Our costs are consistently among the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry. If you need treatment for arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide or radium, give us a call. We will save you money—the question is how much.

Support and Operation

The same ATEC Systems team that trains you is standing by if you have questions or need advice. Maintenance support, trouble shooting and parts supply are always ready. Standard repair parts are routinely shipped out the same day if ordered by noon (Pacific Standard Time).